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Save the Redwoods League seeks mission ambassadors who will help shape a future where California’s redwood forests are protected forever, restored to grow old again, and are connected to all people.

Save the Redwoods League seeks leaders to help shape a brighter future for the organization and the cherished redwood forests. As a council or board member, you will be crucial in providing strategic oversight, advising staff and governance with your domain expertise, and leveraging your connections to expand our network of changemakers. This is an opportunity to be part of significant conservation work and make a real difference in protecting these forests for future generations. 

About Save the Redwoods League

For over a century, Save the Redwoods League (“the League”) has been dedicated to safeguarding and restoring redwood forests while fostering a deep connection between people and these ecosystems. This work extends far beyond conservation and recognizes that communities are intricately intertwined with the redwood forests. Ancient groves and the surrounding young forests provide vital ecological services and sanctuaries of peace and healing for all who encounter them. The League is committed to cultivating a sense of belonging and reverence for these natural wonders for people of all backgrounds.

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