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Potrero Group works with clients nationwide in the environmental, public lands, and social sectors. We are adept at guiding organizations to reflect deeply on their experiences, challenges and opportunities, and conduct executive searches and board transformations that focus on leadership, strategy, and a deep understanding of mission and culture. 

Our roots in the various communities from which potential candidates might be drawn—foundations, the conservation community, academia, and the business community—allows us to see potential and cast a targeted line. Our executive search and board transformation process includes getting to know your organization inside and out and providing a seamless recruitment and vetting process for both you and your candidates. We are a rigorous thought partner and conduct a search that is targeted, relevant, and expeditious. We focus on five key activities as part of the broader search process:


1. Become conversant in the nuances of your work, history, and culture to ensure that we can effectively identify and engage candidates from an informed perspective.

2. Structure the search to maximize the pace and depth of outreach and recruit a wide diversity of high-quality candidates. We rely on connections to possible candidates through paid outreach, our extensive networks, and suggestions by the board, advisors, and key sector leaders.

3. Share, manage, and coordinate input from those involved in the search process, recognizing that different perspectives are a healthy part of the recruitment process and lead to selection of the best candidate. 

4. Manage candidate recruitment and vetting, ensure timely communications regarding inquiries and decisions, and execute the search process.

5. Support incremental and final candidate decisions in coordination with the search committee.


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