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This weekly cohort-based program is geared for leaders (executives, board members, government leaders, partner staff) seeking learning and guidance on improving your organization and its work with partners. The focus is on the skills needed for leading in this partnership environment.

The goal of this short program is to build communities of support to strengthen the impact of our shared work. Sessions meet weekly on Wednesdays at 10 am PST for 90-minutes. The first 45–60 minutes are focused on an interactive presentation of the core topic, followed by Q&A and discussion to support relevance and application to specific participant situations. Participants are encouraged to form affinity groups and are invited to informal office hours hosted by the Potrero Group team to further deepen the dialogue and applicability of each topic.

There are seven sessions in total:

Leading Dynamic Organizations

The foundations of effective leadership are both timeless and constantly evolving. We will review the basics of strong organizational leadership and consider the role of coaching as a key leadership practice for today’s organizations.

Burning Your Strategic Plan: Business and Strategy that is Immediately Actionable

Nearly everyone has a strategic planning horror story. We will help you move past those fears with a process that combines strategy, business planning, and organizational development to create actionable, realistic, practical direction.

Branding and Marketing Through Mission

Telling a compelling story of impact and change through your brand, outreach, and development has become a defining feature of effective organizations. We will look at some of the best practices for developing your narrative and finding your voice.

Growing With Inclusivity

Becoming an inclusive, diverse organization is no longer for someday, it is for today. We will consider some of the foundational aspects of becoming a more inclusive organization, but also how to plan and grow with equity and inclusivity as a central tenet of everything you do.

Transforming Your Board and Partners

Building an excellent board is equal parts art and diligent, focused effort. We will highlight some of the foundational and emerging best practices for building an excellent, inclusive board and transitioning your board from where you are now to where you want to be.

Finding Extraordinary Talent

Finding and keeping excellent people is one of the defining factors of organizational success. Nearly every organization will say, “our people make the difference.” We will review the basic tenets of a compelling search for new talent and consider how they can help keep, as well as find, your best people.

Building Momentum For Change

Everyone has been through the cycle of having great ideas and intentions, only to watch them fizzle in the pressure and busyness of everyday work realities. We will provide some simple tools for sustaining momentum, creating lasting change, and keeping the focus on mission.

Cohorts are chosen on a rolling basis through a brief application process. We strive to include participants of similar role or organizational experience in each cohort and blend varying participant demographics and locations. Should you not be accepted for the current program you will automatically be placed on a waiting list for the next cohort. Your fee will be processed only upon confirmation of your acceptance.
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